About Us

Menorah Academy is Alberta’s and Edmonton’s only Jewish school
from 19 months through 19 years!

Menorah has been serving the Edmonton Jewish community since 1993, for over two decades and counting.

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Our Mission and Vision

Menorah Academy’s vision is to serve the diverse landscape of the Edmonton Jewish community, helping produce vibrant, productive, and knowledgeable community members, and inspiring a lifetime of commitment to Torah values and learning.


Edmonton Menorah Academy’s mission is to build and service the Edmonton Jewish community, helping students appreciate what defines our Jewish heritage while preparing our students for the future in academics, character, skills, values, and beyond.  Students will be well-equipped to excel in any profession they seek, whether it be neurosurgery or the rabbinate.  Moreover, the professional learning community at Menorah Academy will produce students who are committed to lifetime learning, with the skills to learn independently and think critically.  They will serve their communities, make good life choices, and become leaders of tomorrow, with Torah inspiring and guiding them through it all.