Who We Are



Menorah Academy – Because Every Jewish Child Deserves a Genuine Torah Education

Menorah Academy was formed over 27 years ago to provide a balance of outstanding general studies curriculum under Alberta Education, along with an extraordinary Judaic program, incorporating Torah values and skills with middot tovot (good character) in an environment that welcomes and is comfortable for Jews across the spectrum of religious observance, preparing and inspiring our children for life.



Menorah Academy requires no personal adoption of doctrine or observances by its families, other than a commitment to grow as members of the Jewish nation. Jewish students of all backgrounds, homes, and religious practices are welcome, regardless of their family’s social status or religious practices. Menorah Academy believes every Jewish child deserves a genuine Torah education, regardless of financial means. Scholarships are made available for families whose financial need might otherwise prevent them from attending.

• Vision
Our vision is that Menorah Academy will impact the landscape of the Edmonton Jewish community, helping to produce vibrant, productive, and knowledgeable community members, and inspiring a lifetime of commitment to Torah values and learning.

• Mission – “Preparing and Inspiring our Children for Life”
Edmonton Menorah Academy’s mission is to build and service the Edmonton Jewish community, helping students appreciate what defines our Jewish heritage while preparing our students for the future in academics, character, skills, values, and beyond. Students will be well-equipped to excel in any profession they seek, whether it be neurosurgery or the rabbinate. Moreover, the professional learning community at Menorah Academy will produce students who are committed to lifetime learning, with the skills to learn independently and think critically. They will serve their communities, make good life choices, and become leaders of tomorrow, with Torah inspiring and guiding them through it all.

• Principles

o Dignity and positive self-image for our students in a supportive, warm environment is paramount
o Honesty and integrity
o Middot tovot – good character and emphasis on becoming a “mentsch” – a good, upstanding person
o Dedication to constant self-improvement and growth
o Commitment to Torah values and learning
o Importance of learning and knowledge
o Devotion to community
o The essential need to “learn how to learn” – gaining independent skills
o The significance of personal character and proper conduct
o The imperative to value and respect others of all backgrounds
o “Kidush Hashem” – The need to embody the principles we represent, to enable others to see
G-d’s greatness through us