School policies



Welcome back to another exciting school year at Menorah Academy!  We hope your summer has been productive, restful, and rejuvenating, and we look forward to welcoming you and your children to school again.


Below please find some important policies and reminders for your review before school begins:



  • Registration – Please ensure the office has received your registration forms for your children for the new school year, along with any required and updated fees or financial arrangements. Please contact the office or visit our website if you need to review the fees or registration packet. Students will be admitted to classes and served lunches only after all fees, documents, and arrangements are submitted. 
    • Tuition – Note that tuition is an annual commitment based on student registration for the school year. Payments may be submitted in a lump sum at a discounted rate, or on a monthly basis, but the monthly rate will not be adjusted for absences.
    • Lunch fees may be waived for a month if notice of the student’s absence is provided.


  • Daycare – Our afternoon daycare program will run once again this year for preschool children ages two to four. Please be sure you have registered for daycare and made payment arrangements with the office. NOTE: Register for daycare MON THROUGH THURS and save $250 (only $255/month)! Additionally, there will be daycare offered on long Fridays at the standard fee of $70/month.


  • Educational Resource Fee – A one-time $100 fee will be required without exception at registration for ALL families. This allows the school to purchase new resources such as iPads, books, and toys to enhance our students learning experience. This amount should be submitted as a separate cheque.


  • Scholarships –A NEW APPLICATION MUST BE SUBMITTED THIS YEAR FOR ANY SCHOLARSHIP. To be considered for tuition reductions, regardless of previous arrangements:


  • Completing the “Assistance Request” form on our website
  • Submitting your most recent tax filing and last 3 pay stubs for both spouses.
    Note that hot lunch costs are not included in any scholarships.  All scholarship applications and information are completely confidential and are accessible only to the administration and scholarship committee.
  • Schedule an appointment with Rabbi Sass via Sylvia in the office at 780-451-1848 or to review the committee’s decision following submission.
  • EMA scholarship 2020-21
  • Parent Communication
    • We want to hear from you! If you would like to meet with Rabbi Sass during school hours, please feel free to schedule an appointment at any time.  Alternatively, leave a message with the office and we will call you back hopefully within 24 hours, usually after school.  If it is urgent, please let the office know.


  • Emails and Contact Information – Please make sure you and your spouse are receiving regular email communications from both administration and your child’s teachers.
    • Contact the office from 8-3:45 daily at 780-451-1848 or
    • Class group email lists are separate from parent-wide email lists, so it is important you notify the office if you are receiving some communications but not others. Please let the office know if you do not receive a class-wide office email AND a grade-specific email from each of your child’s teachers by our first day of school.   You can email Ms. Scheelar at
    • If your email or other contact information has recently changed, please be sure to confirm the office has it recorded. If you have absolutely no email option, be sure to notify the office so we can provide printed communications when possible.


  • Uniforms – Please see the school uniform policy enclosed.


  • Cell Phones & Electronics – May not be brought to school at any time and are subject to confiscation.


  • Nutrition – Healthy Snacks:
    • In maintaining our strict health snack policy, all snacks sent to school should be healthy snacks only, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. Students will not be permitted to consume candy or high sugar content processed foods for snacks in school. 
      • Items such as soda, puddings, chocolate bars, snack chips, or cookies should not be sent.
        • See the Healthy Snack List for more information.
      • Teachers will also be limiting donuts or other sweet baked goods or candies to once a year for an appropriate classroom celebration or rare school-wide special occasions.
      • Our daily lunch program will also offer fresh fruit or vegetables for students to enjoy during the meal beyond the standard main course portion.
      • Healthy_Snacks



    • Snack – Please send nut-free (i.e. no traces of nuts, including pistachios, peanuts, cashews, brazil nuts, tree nuts, etc.) and healthy morning and afternoon snacks with your child each day.
      • Please send closable containers for any leftover food students keep in class.
      • Please have your child bring a reusable spill-proof plastic water bottle or cup daily
      • Any disposable cutlery/napkins needed for snack time must be sent from home
    • BreakfastPlease make sure to feed your child a healthy breakfast before coming to school each day. Research shows that children do better nutritionally, academically, and socially when they start their day with a proper breakfast and energy for the day. Boys over bar mitzvah will be allowed to eat personal food items following davening at school (see “Tefilah”).
    • Meat Days – Tuesdays & Thursdays are meat days. Please do not send dairy afternoon snacks with your child on these days.
    • Kosher Requirements – Please do not bring foods to school without an approved kosher symbol. Any food to be shared or for public consumption must be packaged. The following are common kosher symbols that meet the standards of the COR or Edmonton Kollel:



  • Late Notes
    • Please ensure students arrive at 8:05 in the gym or their respective preschool class before 8:15 daily. If extenuating circumstances prevent your child from arriving until after 8:25 a.m., the accompanying adult must escort the child to the office for a signed late note to be submitted to their 1st period teacher.  Three unexcused late notes will count toward a grade reduction for their first period class.


  • Vacations, Absences, & Lateness – Please ensure that your child attends school on a regular and punctual basis. Lateness and excessive and/or inappropriate absences influence the tone of learning within our program and impact upon classroom instruction for all students. 
    • Planned medical or dental appointments should be made for non-school hours, such as Friday afternoons following early dismissal.
      • If an appointment or personal matter must take place during class time, sending an email to, AND be sure to discuss it with your child’s teachers at least one week in advance.
    • Vacation schedules should please be arranged when classes are not in session or discussed in advance with Rabbi Sass for extenuating circumstances.


  • Calendar – Attached you will find our school calendar for this year. Please review the dates carefully, and plan your year accordingly.
    • Website / Google Calendar – Our website,, continues to display our updated Google Calendar, which will contain “live updates” to school-related events on a regular basis. *MENORAH ACADEMY 2020-21 One Page Calendar 
  • Photos & Social Media
    • As in the past, student activities and events will be included in school newsletters and our website for promotional material, as a means to share the great things happening at Menorah Academy. As a matter of school policy, no student will ever be identified by name or singled out in individual promotional photos without explicit prior parent authorization.


  • Note that our Twitter and Instagram channels are not intended for photos. It will be used for text updates for parents who opt-in, for schedule or event reminders and changes, and the like.  Our Facebook site will be used for sharing information or pictures of flyers or school events, not individual students. If you further wish to exclude your child beyond this, feel free to fill out the attached form.


  • School Hours –
    • 8:15 start – STUDENTS MUST ARRIVE BEFORE 8:15 am. 


  • Parent Visitations – All parents must make an appointment before coming into the school.  
  • Your Role and Voicing Concerns– As parents, you are the ambassadors for our school. Every person you speak to, including each other, is influenced by your attitude and feelings about our school.  If you ever have any concerns, from school programs and policies to teachers and your own child, please be sure to speak to the parties directly involved to find out the facts and address issues in a positive and productive manner. 
    • PROCESS: The first step with any classroom concern is always to speak with the teacher first directly, and only then the administration. Always confirm facts first directly.  We sincerely do want to hear and address your concerns as best as possible.  Please always remember to be courteous to facilitate positive communication and productive results.


  • Keep in mind that administration, teachers, and staff have the best intentions, but we can all make mistakes. We also value positive feedback and encouragement too! Keep in touch so we can work together to make our school the best environment possible.  Remember, you play an important role in the success of our school!


  • Our Partnership – As partners in our children’s education, we can achieve our mutual vision for Menorah Academy, as a school that truly impacts the children of our community. We continue to strive for outstanding Torah, middot tovot, and academic learning, to make a meaningful difference for our entire Edmonton community.  We look forward to continuing to partner with you in preparing and inspiring our children for life.





Rabbi Dovid Sass

Head of School